Our Projects

Where we work

We have Eco Clubs within primary and secondary schools in Ibissil to Namanga sub-counties.

We work with primary and secondary students plus alumni of these schools to promote our objectives. We have build a movement of EcoClubers to promote the culture of environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Environment activities of the Eco Clubs of Kenya

    • Tree planting projects around the school and immediate neighbourhood.
    • Water harvesting.
    • Improving and hygiene situation in the school, by building pit latrines and hand washing facilities.
    • Encouraging use of Bio-gas and Bio-digesters to reduce use of firewood and charcoal.
    • Organising school quizzes, essay writing and painting competitions on environmental topics.
    • Organising nature walks in national parks, rivers and forests to learn about bio-diversity.
    • Environment awareness campaigns within the community.

Animal Welfare activities of the Eco Clubs of Kenya

      • Disaster Response for livestock and wildlife
      • Teaching on Basic Concepts in Animal Welfare (primary school module)
      • Drought mitigation and preparedness training includes hay production and water harvesting

HIV/AIDS activities of the Eco Clubs of Kenya

      • HIV/AIDS basic education in a fun and interactive environment.
      • Creating and compiling a My World My Life’ book.
      • Drama, songs and poetry competitions with a HIV/AIDS theme.
      • Training teachers on teaching and dealing with adolescent sexuality.
      • Providing dignity kits (sanitary pads, underpants, soap) to girls in school.

Some of Eco Clubs of Kenya Past Partners

    1. Mama Cash International
    2. Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK)
    3. Kenya Agriculture Research Institution
    4. GiZ
    5. Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) – provides technical support through tutors and resource materials.
    6. Life Spring counselling services.